Social Media Dissertations

We have listed here some of the Finnish dissertations dealing with social media. The list will be regularly updated. The dissertations do not relate to SOMERI, but have been gathered to benefit people interested in social media research.


Confessions in Social Media: Performative, Constrained, Authentic and Participatory Self-Representations in Vlogs. Talvitie-Lamberg, Karoliina. 2014. Access here.

Discursive struggle in online media – Perspectives on organization-consumer interaction. Lillqvist, Ella. 2016. Access here.

Enhancing Absorptive Capacity through Internal Collaboration with Social Media Tools. Peltola, Tero. 2014. Access here.

Examining SCRM approach and its role in facilitating tacit knowledge sharing & creation, and exploring its integration effects. Kuem, Jungwon. 2016. Access here.

Hybrid narratives: Organizational Reputation in the Hybrid Media System. Laaksonen, Salla-Maaria. 2017. Access here.

Individuals Doing Politics: Urban participation, social media campaigning and online nano-politics. Eranti, Veikko Oskari. 2016. Access here.

Information sharing in the era of social media. Jin, Xue Yu. 2016. Access here.

Interaction in the Domestication of Social Media. Wang, Li. 2014. Access here.

International artists-in-residence 1990-2010: mobility, technology and identity in everyday art practices. Vargas de Freitas Matias, Rita. 2016. Access here.

Motivational drivers of engagement with company social media content: cross-cultural perspective. Chwialkowska, Agnieszka. 2017. Access here.

Music mood annotation using semantic computing and machine learning. Saari, Pasi. 2015. Access here.

Online community as experience and discourse: a nexus analytic view into understandings of togetherness online. Martinviita, Annamari. 2017. Access here.

Social media and networks as communicative acts: vulnerabilities and possibilities for the pedagogies of the future: An empirical hermeneutical study of Finnish and Greek teachers and students experiences. Vivitsou, Marianna. 2016. Access here.

Social Media in Business-to-Business Companies’ Innovation. Jussila, Jari. 2015. Access here.

Social Media Changing the Competitive Intelligence Process: Elicitation of Employees’ Competitive Knowledge. Tampere University of Technology. Publication; Vol. 1001. Tampere University of Technology. Vuori, Vilma. 2011. Access here.

Social media and public libraries: exploring information activities of library professionals and users. Kronqvist-Berg, Maria. 2014. Access here.

The True Colors of Finnish Welfare Nationalism: Consolidation of Neo-Populist Advocacy as a Resonant Collective Identity through Mobilization of Exclusionary Narratives of Blue-and-White Solidarity. Pyrhönen, Niko. 2015. Access here.

The Role of ICT in the Value Co-Creation Process. Pcauskas, Darius. 2016. Access here.

Underpinnings of User Participation in Innovation on Online Communication Platforms. Kaur, Puneet. 2016. Access here.